DST- SERB  sponsored high end workshop on Multivariate Statistical Machine Learning Methods for Modelling Agricultural Data


List of Selected Candidates 


About the Workshop

Statistical modeling plays a crucial role in decision making within agricultural and allied research, particularly when analyzing large volumes of data sets obtained from field experiments, laboratory experiments, surveys, and published reports. Given the increasing intricacy of agricultural and climatological phenomena, it is essential to have data on multiple variables in order to derive valid conclusions from statistical models. Since the data often exhibits nonlinearity and unknown distributional assumptions, classical statistical models may not provide accurate inferences. In such cases, multivariate machine learning models play a pivotal role in robustly modeling complex and chaotic data sets.

As computational open-source tools and techniques continue to advance, statistical modelling has become increasingly important to address present-day requirements. Hence, this training program aims to cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of statistical and machine learning techniques with hands on experience in open source software’s such as R, Python etc. The proposed workshop aims at educating the participants about various advanced multivariate statistical, Machine Learning, Deep Learning tools and techniques for agricultural data analysis with hands-on experience in open source softwares.

Important Dates 

Workshop Dates: 24 July - 4 August, 2023


Interested eligible candidates can register through Google form linkhttps://forms.gle/Qv3qRiApXNN4ktEU7 by uploading application form duly signed by head of the Recommending Authority / Head of the Department/ Institute. 


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