In order to fulfill these mandate effectively, IIRR is organized into four sections and ten units along with centralized service wings and administration. AICRIP activities are integrated into the mandate with senior most scientists of each discipline acting as the PIs of the programme. Research and institutional activities are planned and guided by Research Advisory Committee and Institute Management Committee while the progress is critically evaluated once in five years by the Quinquennial Review Committee.
The Institute has well equipped laboratories with state of the art equipments, centrally air cooled greenhouses, bio-safe transgenic greenhouses, growth chambers, well laid out experimental farm and digital enabled library facilities. IIRR also coordinates rice research at 45 funded and over 100 voluntary centers under AICRIP.

Grievance Redressal Committee

Chairman : 

Dr. M. Srinivas Prasad 

Members : 

Dr. M. M. Azam

Dr. N. Somashekar

Dr. P. Revathi

Mr. Uday Kumar

Mr. M. Vijay Kumar

Mr. S. Vijay Kumar

Senior Administrative Officer

Finance & Accounts Officer

Human Resource Development Committee (HRD)

Chairman : 

Dr. Chitra Shanker

Members :

Dr. C. N. Neeraja

Dr. Ch. Padmavathi

Dr. S. Arun Kumar

Dr. P. Revathi

Dr. M. S. Anantha

Mr. U. Chaitanya

Senior Administrative Officer 

Institute Joint Staff Council Meeting (IJSC)

Members :

Smt. P. Lakshmi, Assistant.

Shri. B. Vidyanath, Assistant.

Shri. T. Venkaaiah, Senior Technical Assistant.

Shri. P. Koteswara Rao, Technical Assistant.

Shri. V. Golu, SSS. 

Shri. T. Ashirwadham, SSS.  

Institute Management Committee(IMC)

Chairman :    

Director, ICAR - IIRR,Hyderabad.

Members :  

Dr. Raji Reddy Director of PJTSAU.

Dr. S. K. Pradhan, Principal Scientist, ICAR - NRRI,Cuttack.

Dt. Bandaru Kushalaiah, Farmer’s Representative,Nalgonda, Telangana.

Chief Finance & Accounts Officer, ICAR - NAARM, Hyderabad.

Dr. V. Dinesh Kumar, Principal Scientist, ICAR- IIOR, Hyderabad.

Shri. Ramanaiah Chakilam, Hyderabad.

Member Secretary :  

Senior Administrative Officer, ICAR - IIRR, Hyderabad.


From 2012 - 2020 - Office Order

Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMU)

Chairman :    

Dr. A. S. Hari Prasad, ICAR - IIRR, Hyderabad.

Members :  

Dr. V. Jhansi Lakshmi.

Dr. C. Kannan.

Dr. P. Lakshmi Prasanna.

Dr. A. J. Aravind.

Dr. Abdul Fiyaz. 

Senior Administrative Officer.


Official Language Implementation Committee (OLIC)

Chairman : 

Director, ICAR - IIRR,Hyderabad.

Members : 


Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation Cell  (PMEC)

Chairman : 

Dr. M. B. B. Prasad Babu

Members :



Quinquennial Review Team

Chairman :

Dr. H. S. Gupta, Former Director, IARI

Members :

Dr. J. L. Dwivedi, Ex-Prof & Head, Plant Breeding, NDUAT&T

Prof. T. V. K. Singh, Hyderabad.

Dr. P. S. Birthal, National Professor, New Delhi.

Dr. R. Sridhar, Ex-Principal Scientist & Head, Plant Pathology, Chennai.

Dr. Somaresh Kundu, Principal Scientist & Head, Soil Science, Bhopal. 


From 2012 - 2017 - Office Order


Research Advisory Committee

Chairman : 

Prof. Akhilesh K. Tyagi, Professor & J. C. Bose National Fellow.

Members : 

Dr. Leena Kumari, Ex. Registrar.

Dr. N. Raghuram, Professor.

Dr. Mayabini Jena, ICAR Emeritus Scientist, NRRI.

Dr. P. C. Rao, Dean (Retired).

Dr. Prema Latha Singh, Principal Scientist & Head, IARI.

--- , Assistant Director General (FFC), ICAR.

Shri. Ramanaiah Chakllam. 

Shri. Bhandaru Kushalaiah.  

Special Invitee :

Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Director, NRRI . 

Member Secretary : 

Dr. S. M. Balachandran, Principal Scientist & Head, IIRR. 


From 2018-2021 - Office Order

Women's Sexual Harassment & Complaint Committee (WCC)

Chairman : 

Dr. V. Jhansi Lakshmi

Members :

Dr. G. Padmavathi 

Dr. D. Krishnaveni

Dr. M. M. Azam

Shri. B. Sathish

Smt. K. Sudhavalli Tayaru

Smt. S. Hemalatha