Divisions or Units

Major Research Programmes are: 

Crop Improvement- Genetics & Plant Breeding, Hybrid Rice, Biotechnology Statistics and National Professor Project

  • Genetic Enhancement of Yield and stress tolerance(GEY)
  • Genetic Enhancement of quality for domestic and export purpose(GEQ)
  • Application of biotechnology tools for rice improvement(ABR)


 Crop Production-Agronomy, Physiology, Soil Science, Engineering and Computer Applications

  • Enhancing Resource and Input use Efficiency (RUE)
  • Sustaining Rice System Productivity (SSP)
  • Assessing and managing crop response to climate change (CCR) 


Crop Protection - Entomology and Pathology 

  • Host-plant resistance against insect pests and its management (HRI)
  • Host-plant resistance against pathogens and its management (HRP) 
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 


 Transfer of Technology - Communication and Training Centre (CTC) and Economics

  • Training, Transfer of technology and impact analysis (TTI)


 Other  Programs