Success Stories 3

Success Story 3: System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

Extensive  studies  on  SRI  across  AICRIP  centers  proved  that  considerable  amount  of  water (upto 36%)  can be saved and there is marginal increase in  grain  yield (upto 15%) under SRI method compared to normal transplanting.

Most  of  the  varieties  tested  varieties  performed  better  under  SRI  with  upto  40%  more  yield over  conventional  rice.  This  proved  that  SRI  is  genotype  specific.  The  hybrids  performed better under SRI, over early, medium and late duration varieties.

Cost  of  cultivation  was  drastically  reduced  with  hybrids  in  SRI  method  there  by  assisting  in spread of hybrids in North east areas. An area of more than 10 lakh ha was covered with SRI cultivation  especially in  Bihar,  Tamil  Nadu,  Tripura  and  Andhra  Pradesh  and  gaining momentum in other states also.

By  taking  into  account  all  the  factors  that  determine  the  adoption  of  SRI  such  as  proper locations, soil conditions, water control facilities  etc., it may be possible to cover about 10% total  rice  area  i.e.,  about  4.0  million  ha  which  can  bring  about  tremendous  benefits    for    the country. There could be enormous  saving in seed as we require only 5 kg seed per hectare as compared to 25 kg/ha in the traditional system, saving 80,000 tonnes of seeds annually which means  saving of `. 200 crores per season. Additional yield of 1.0 – 1.5 t/ha will add another 4 – 6  million  tonnes  of  rice  to  our  food  basket  and  meet  the  challenges  of  enhancing  the  rice production.  The system  also  helps  us  to  save  about  30%  water  which  is  equivalent  to  2200 million  m3.  Besides,  soil health improvement  which  would  be  a  biggest  bonus  in  adopting SRI.