Soil Testing Kit

Soil Testing Kit

Technology Profile 

  1. The kit is useful for carrying out soil testing in and saves from wasteful expenditures of costlier fertilizers
  2. It address the problem of non availability of quality soil testing equipments or laboratories across districts and villages. Therefore helps in cost cutting.
  3. The kit after causing the need of soil testing, he can apply the fertilizers as required therefore helps in balanced fertilization and nutrition of the crops and the cropping systems
  4. A farmer can generate his own soil health card also after analysing his sample. by way of Increasing incomes by improving productivity


Existing practices – what are the problems with the existing situation/ technology- Soils have to be repeatedly and massively tested. Therefore current lack of equipments and laboratories hampering this exercise.

Due to non testing of soils wasteful expenditure on costlier fertilizers happening. Across Telangana  and AP this problem exists. 

Empirical Evidences 

Field testing results- For last more then 5 yrs the kit based demonstrations and analysis is being done across the regions of Telangana

Demonstration yields and incomes 

  • Soil testing is key to balanced fertilization and plant nutrition.
  • Aim of the kit is to simplify the soil chemical analysis for ready use by the less skilled personals in the rural areas by the soil testing laboratories and rural service centres.
  • The Soil quality testing kit offers simplified methods for determination of available nutrients from soils and is rapid, fairly accurate chemical tests.
  • A farmer can generate his own soil health card also after analysing his sample.

Practical Utility/ Scalability

Mobile van Agriclinic Soil Testing camp at Chakram Thanda, Miryalguda, Nalgonda district, Telangana. Interpreting soil test results and recommending how to economize fertilizer doses . The knowledge of how to use judiciously the costly fertilizers will save a lot of money for the farming community and will aid effectively in doubling their farm income