Mission Life Activities


As part of MissionLife activities, ICAR-IIRR  organised "Promotion and bringing awareness of Climate resilient rice varieties" through workshop and farmer group meeting during 27th May 2023

Promotion and bringing awareness of Climate resilient rice varieties through workshop and farmer group meeting held during 27th May 2023. ICAR-IIRR released varieties to meet the needs of the day have been show cased in the meeting. Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture of Telangana State and Dignitaries of State Agriculture Department, Scientists from PJTSAU Telangana, and officials from other line departments and Farmers of Telangana, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh participated in the meeting.  Farmers were educated with the improved package of practises of paddy cultivation. Seeds of the improved paddy varieties are made available to them for purchase.

ICAR-IIRR has released a series of improved paddy varieties like DRR Dhan 42 a drought tolerant high yielding variety, DRR Dhan 50 a variety tolerant to drought and submergence, DRR Dhan 47 and DRR Dhan 52 high yielding varieties having heat tolerance.  DRR Dhan 39 high yield and tolerant to Salinity,  DRR Dhan 55 and DRR Dhan 64 suitable for aerobic cultivation as well as Dry direct seeded sowing (Dry DSR) attracted the attention of farmers. The low Glycaemic index (Low GI) Varieties Viz. Improve Samba Mahsuri (ISM) and DRR Dhan 53 and DRR Dhan 58 a Blast Resistant varieties attracted other stake holders. DRR Dhan 60 high yielding and suitable to cultivate in low phosphorous soils and similarly DRR Dhan 64 suitable to cultivate in low nitrogen soils. To mitigate mall nutrition and also to enrich nutrition content of Rice which we consume the high zinc varieties like DRR Dhan 48, DRR Dhan 49 and DRR Dhan 64 are popularly adopted by the farming community. Seeds of all varieties are made available for farmers and procured by them for cultivating in the ensuing the crop season. 

In view of irrigation (water) and labour are becoming scarce day by day and also to reduce the cost of cultivation, In another virtual group meeting held with the farmers of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab along with official of CPK ITC farmers are educated about latest varieties and package of practices to be adopted especially during DSR method of cultivation which will save both irrigated water and cost of cultivation.  


As part of Mission Life activities, Awareness Programme on Climate resilient and Water Saving Rice Technologies was organized  by ICAR-IIRR in collaboration with Action for Rural Development Society, Devarkonda on May 23, 2023