World Intellectual Property Day - 26 April, 2023

Women and IP: Accelerating Innovations and Creativity

ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research

April 26, 2023

Webinar was organized  on the occasion of “World Intellectual Property Day” on the theme of “Women and IP : Accelerating Innovations and Creativity” on April, 26, 2023 at 11.00 am in  Seminar  Hall 1, ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research  and  about  100  participants including   Scientists,  ICARR-IIRR,   ICAR-CTRI,   SARR members  and   research  scholars participated either online or offline. 

Dr. Jyothi Badri acted  as Moderator for the programme and welcomed  Director, IIRR and speakers to  the  programme. Director, IIRR welcomed  the  speakers Dr. Kalpana  Sastri (Former  Joint Director, ICAR-NAARM and Managing Director, Aghub, PJTSAU, Hyderabad), Dr. Divya Singh (Business  Development  and  IP Officer, CSIR-CCMB,  Hyderabad) to  the programme and the online, offline participants. Director, IIRR gave an introductory remarks emphasizing the key role of women  in India in scientific and administrative positions  and their significant contributions. 

Dr. Jyothi Badri  gave  a brief  introduction about  Dr. Kalpana  Sastri. Dr. Kalpana  Sastri delivered a talk about Innovation  and Enterprise Building. She briefed her experiences on IP work and role of women in research and development in India. Real time success stories  of women   innovators  and   entrepreneurs  from   grass   root   level  was   explained   in  the presentation. She also suggested  two books  “Lilavathi’s daughters – women  scientists of India” and “Code breaker” by Jenifer Doudan for the young generation for inspiration. 

Dr. Kalpana Sastri mentioned about women scientists who played a major role in global level and  contributed for several  great  discoveries. She also explained  about  the  initiatives  in India, for women in science and scholarships and fellowships available for women scientists. 

Grassroot  innovators among the women  farmers  contributing to society and breaking  the social  barriers based   on  examples   from  various   states   of  country   viz.,  collectives  in kudumbashree project, mulkanoor womens  cooperative dairy  farmer  service  products, honey bee producers, women based startups, agri- student entrepreneurs. The presentation was concluded  with discussion  on Issues  and challenges  faced by women  innovators and what changes could facilitates the women to go forward  in science and innovation. She also emphasized the need of imagination, creativity and current understanding of technology by women scientists. 

Dr. Jyothi Badri introduced Dr. Divya Singh from CCMB. Director, IIRR mentioned support of Dr. Divya Singh, in technology  transfer of Improved  Samba mahsuri, a collaborative Technology developed  between IIRR and CCMB. 

Dr. Divya Singh talked  about  “Technology  Valuation, Commercialization and  Licensing: Public Sector Perspective”. She gave a brief introduction about women in science and CCMB and further discussed  about technology licensing, transfers, commercialization, issues faced by women in getting the opportunities. Detailed presentation on What is license, preparing license, preparing IP; based on Improved Samba Mahsuri as one of the best example. Method of evaluation  of IP based  on market, economical  or costs, different  clauses  and governing laws in licensing IP were  explained  and how to adopt  best options  for licensing IP is also mentioned. 

Dr. Sundaram, Director  IIRR discussed  about  technologies sharing  and  the  problems in receipt   of  the  royalties   and  licensing  of  all  ICAR technologies  through   Agri innovate (Technology licensing wing). 

Dr. Kalyani extended vote of thanks to DG, ICAR, Director IIRR for initiative and the support in conducting  the webinar,  Dr Kalpana Sastri and Dr Divya singh for the excellent insight in Intellectual property  rights  and  Dr  GS Laha,  Dr  Jyothi  Badri,  Dr  Sailaja  & AKMU,  Dr Arunkumar S, Dr Jayakumar, Dr D Ladhalakshmi, Dr Divya balakrishnan for facilitating the meeting.