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Progressive Farmers
Sri.G.Nagaratnam Naidu
Sri. Veerapaneni Veerabhadra Rao
Srimati Balamma
Sri. Chintala Venkat Reddy
Sri. Meka Jaganmohan Rao
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Sri. G. Nagaratnam Naidu was born in 1955 in Balakrishnapuram Village of ChittoorDistrict. He got distinction in Intermediate and First Class in Electronics Diploma Course.


At first he worked in electronics services and marketing agencies for two yearsand transferred to Hyderabad as Engineer and worked for five years. Due to his great interest

in agriculture he resigned his job in 1990 and purchased 11 acres of land in Hayathnagar for cultivation.


He has tried many new methods and experiments in his land and got many awards.Distinguished delegates (Scientists, Agricultural Officers, Agricultural Experts, Progressive Farmers and IT Professional etc.,) visited his farm and awarded many appreciation letters.


In 1996, he was selected as a state best farmer and got a cash award. In 2003, hestarted cultivating rice through SRI method. In 2005, he got 15.4 tonnes per hectare (92bags/acre) by adopting SRI method of cultivation. He was presented with a state award in November 2005 and during the same year he got WWF-ICRISAT Best Farmer Award and appreciation letter from Tamil Nadu Government. In 2007 he received the State Best Farmer award for his outstanding contribution to SRI cultivation.


           Several dignitaries including Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr.Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy and his cabinet visited his farm in 2005. He displayed 182 tillers per plant to Dr. G.S. Khush during International Symposium organized by DRR, Hyderabad in 2004. On 3rd March, 2006 he displayed his SRI crop and interacted with President George W. Bush, President, United States of America, at National Seed Project, Hyderabad andexplained about SRI cultivation. Seventeen delegates from Bangladesh visited his farm andawarded certificate.


In addition, Sri Nagaratnam Naidu has been a resource person for corporate schoolsand taught the children the importance of environment and agriculture. He traveled extensivelyover many districts and taken classes for popularizing the SRI cultivation and other new technologies. Under his watchful guidance some of the innovative technologies popularized by him have spread to 1000 acres in 2007-08.


Date: 25.10.2008



Sri. Veerapaneni Veerabhadra Rao was born on 13th October 1939. His father’sname is Veerapaneni Ramalingaiah. In those days he passed his matriculation. Sri VeerabhadraRao is a innovative farmer fromVanapamula village, Pedaparukudi Mandal in Krishna District.


          He is acting as a president of farmers group and convenor for ATMA and made several struggles for farmer’s problems. At present also he is an active member of Andhra Pradesh Raithu Sangham. Representing Raithu Samakhya he participated in hunger strikefor enhancement of MSP for rice in Andhra Pradesh in November, 2007.


         Sri. Veerabhadra Rao had achieved remarkable progress by adopting newly releasedrice varieties to improve the rice cultivation. Right now his great interest is in organic methods of rice cultivation with an urge to make agriculture profitable to farmers. His excellent work in agriculture was recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and was awarded as the Best Farmer of Krishna District in 2002.


Date: 25.10.2008



Srimati Balamma is a progressive woman farmer from Jukal Village, Shamshabad Mandal, Ranga Reddy District. She is cultivating rice and wheat in 9 acres of land. She has expertise in organic farming, Phalekar model, seed treatment, insect-trap by organic materials, insect traps by pheromones using grease and fire.


          Srimati Balamma has thus achieved higher tillers and higher yield in paddy plants compared to normal yields using cost effective methods. She is educating women farmers of surrounding villages by participating "Polam-Badi" programmes organizedbyNGOs.


Date: 25.10.2008



Sri. Chintala Venkat Reddy is a progressive farmer from Old Alwal, Hyderabad. He experimented with an innovative way of improving soil fertility by replacing the top soil of 4-6 inches depth with sub-soil which is rich in nutrient content. This technique led to the highest yield of paddy 10.31 tonnes per hectare with BPT 5204 (Samba Mahsuri) and 5.6 tonnes per hectare with wheat (Lok 1) as against the normal yields of 5.0 to 6.5 tonnes per hectare for rice and 2.5 to 3.0 tonnes per hectare for wheat. This process has been appreciated by scientists of agricultural research institutes.


           This novel technique developed by Sri. C. Venkat Reddy has been cleared by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva. He is the first farmer in India to obtain the patent for his novel innovation through WIPO and US PTO. He also applied for patent in another 30 countries. Interestingly in addition to yield enhancement, the nutritional quality of rice and wheat cultivated by Sri. C. Venkat Reddy were found to be very high.


            Sri. C. Venkat Reddy was felicitated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr. Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy for his outstanding and path breaking efforts in improving soil fertility without use of chemical fertilizers leading to high yields.


           In addition to this he was given "Draksha Ratna" award for best yield and qualityof grapes in 1990. He was given a Gold Medal as best grape farmer for getting highest yield in the world (105 tonnes per hectare - Anuab Shahi Variety - 84 tonnes per hectare for seedless grapes). Many dignitaries visited his farm and appreciated his efforts.


Date: 25.10.2008



Sri. Meka Jaganmohan Rao is a progressive farmer from Kuchipudi Village, Amrutalur Mandal of Guntur District. He is a real role model to other farmers as he has experimented and used new agricultural techniques for increasing production with low investment.


From 1993-2007, he proved that high production in black gram can be achieved by only using fungicides without spraying insecticides and decrease in production of blackgram after SRI cultivation in rabi season can be increased. From 2000 onwards he obtained good results by sprayng Salicyclic acid on different crops. In the same kharif season he has cultivated different basmati varieties of DRR, Hyderabad: Vasumati, Kasturi, IET 15392, IET 14131, IET 13548 as minikits and recorded high yields.


During the year 2006-07, he proved that AZOLLA can be cultivated as inter crop in kharif rice in presence of National Dairy Development Board, Vijayawada and in the same year he cultivated WHITE-PONNI rice variety (Coimbatore) with organic farming. Beside this, in 2007-08 kharif, he cultivated RP-Bio-226 as minikit. During 2008-09 kharif, hetested RP-Bio-226 and Sugandhamati varieties of DRR with Formular 3 process and with other new techniques and demonstrated encouraging results.


           Sri. Meka Jaganmohan Rao has keen interest to experiment and he is a person with innovative ideas. He conducted several interesting experiments so success is not new to him. His contributions were well recognized and he is a recipient of several awards and earned appreciation of agricultural personnel and farmers. He was adjured as Best Rice Farmer by ANGRAU for his display of rice varietal technology in 2001-02 in Kisan Mela at Guntur in 2008 for SRI cultivation by Lam Farm, Guntur.


            In addition, Sri Meka Jaganmohan Rao is a prolific writer and published 25 papers and articles in popular Telugu agricultural journals and news papers like Rythe Raju, Annadata, Krushi and Eenadu. He regularly participates in the interactive programmes on agriculture in DD-1 Saptagiri, ETV and ETV-2 exhorting the farmers to adopt new simple technologies. He also participates in all the meetings related to farmers problems and his aim is to make agriculture remunerative to his farmer brethren.


Date: 25.11.2008