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List of proposed new projects (2015-2016)

           List of proposed new projects for the year 2015-2016

Project Code

Project Title

Project Leader & Associates


Introgression and identification of novel genes for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance from wild species into cultivated rice 2015-2020

C. Grieesh Dr. P. Senguttuvel Dr. Divya Balakrishnan           Dr. M.S. Prasad   Dr. T. Ram

 GEY/CI/ HY/22

Development of superior restorers and identification of new restorer(Rf) genes for WA-CMS system in rice by conventional and molecular approaches 2015-2019

P Revathi Dr. V. Jhansi Lakshmi Dr. Satendar K Mangrauthia



Root biology of rice grown under irrigated and aerobic conditions 2015-2017

P Ananda Kumar M. S. Madhav  M B B Prasad BabuP. Senguttuvel



Candidate gene identification for manipulating growth  related genes in rice through computational and expression studies 2015-2019

Divya P.S. SM Balachandran  D Subrahmanyam



Exploring RNAi Technology for Management of Rice Diseases  2015-2019


Satendra Kuma Mangrauthia  P. Anand Kumar S.M. Balachandran G.S. Laha D. Krishnaveni,  Kalyani Kulkarni



Association mapping for root traits related to rice productivity


Kalyani Kulkarni M. Seshu Madhav D. Subrahmanyam  P. Senguttuvel S. M. Balachandran P. Anand Kumar R. M. Sundaram R. M. Kumar  Divya P. S. Suneetha Kota


Strategic research on enhancing water Use efficiency  and productivity  in irrigated rice system 2015-2019


SRI team (based on their availability) Sheshu Madhav Senguttuvelu D. Subrahmanian DVK Nageswar Rao M.B.B.Prasad Babu


A consortia approach to the biological management of diseases in rice 2015-2019

C Kannan M.Srinivas Prasad,  D.Krishnaveni, G.S.Laha, V.Prakasam D.Ladhalakshmi, P.Valarmathi, Chitra Shanker, P.C.Latha and B.Sridevi